October 14th, 2006

puzzle: scattered pieces

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Stephanie, Radhika, and I went to the GSU library this morning so Stephanie could look up some lit reviews for a paper she was writing. It was a good time; I discovered the adorability of pigeons along the way and even got some work done.

Also, last night I finished A Drink from the Pierian Spring. Today I started The Teachings of Indecision, Dr. Nbook 58. The list of Dr. Nbooks has been updated to reflect the change.

My first DE test comes out right after fall break. Oh my. This should be interesting. I'm not exactly scared of it except that it's open everything (except people), so it'll be really easy to put it off. I should also get to work on the Egrade homework since all of it is due before the test.

My Internet still isn't back yet. I've been spending a lot of time with Dr. Nbook, though, which is good.

P.S. Will someone transcribe my last voice post for Nell? She can't hear it. And we all know we can't leave Nell out of the loop. :P