October 17th, 2006

calvin and hobbes: don't want to study

Blarghwhat? [Gibberish: Yellow]

You know, I might go back to hell Ringgold for fall break after all. At Mum's insistence that I pack lightly, I forgot to pack most of my fall clothes. *facepalm* So I can safely blame her for this.

So I looked at the schedule for the spring semester, and I noticed that the next astronomy class is at the same time as the non-lab science that I was going to take. Well, that makes things pretty easy. Drop non-lab, add astronomy. While we're on that topic, I got an 84 on the astronomy test. Eek. Dr. Depree let us redo the mathy problems for extra credit (the five problems that were half the test). Sounds good, right? It would be if I actually missed any of those. That's right, I botched a bunch of the multiple choice questions but got a perfect score on the real problem section. Of course, this deal benefited just about everyone else in the class. Oh well. I can just get a 96 on the next test to have an A- test average for the class, and then I can work harder on everything else if the grade is really important to me. I'd say it isn't, but in a way it really is, considering this semestre is going to be the lowest GPA-wise for me, and it's not even the most difficult. I'm just finding myself in a rut, not really wanting to do anything that I need to do. There's a ton of stuff that I want to do, and I'm doing those. When it comes to stuff that I need to do, though, I'm just all blargh I don't want to do this take me away from here.

Um, yeah. Okay. Off to do other things. I should probably do the DE proficiency test as it expires during fall break. Yes, I'll do that.

Ever wanted to know how to cite tattoos? (Admit it. You know you want to.) Find out!

P.S. Caitlin, I found these bases of Ireland a few days back and thought of you. I keep meaning to point them out to you and keep forgetting. Look, it's Bailey's!