October 29th, 2006

nanowrimo: in soviet russia

Who wins at life? I win at life!

That's right. I finished my DE test after spending half the afternoon on it. Yay for victory! I think I did okay on it too, which is always good to know.

The kickoff party was also fun. dawgfan527, Laurie (friend of dawgfan527 I remember from last year), so we hung out until we realized that nobody else was finding us, so Laurie and I went around with a NaNoWriMo sign and found some people who were with us. Eventually we had a big enough group (about seven of us--and a sign) that more people found us. We wrote down our three rules for writing a novel. Here are mine:

1) Every time you stop writing, God kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens.
2) Before you can write n words, you have to write the n-1st word. Word after word after word.
3) Adjectives modify nous. Therefore, you must write a novel before writing a great novel.

Those are my rules. Others had really good rules like "Back up your work" and "Disregard grammar for a month" and "Change your text to white" and "Pry off your backspace and delete keys" and "Turn off your chat clients and e-mail". I did the chat client one last year. I may have to do that one again until I reach my word count for the day.

Anyway, I need to shower and sleep before I'm incapable of standing.