November 4th, 2006

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NaNoWriMo Word count: 11026 + what I wrote today at the write-in (I haven't typed it in yet)

I did the research for the women's studies assignment today. It was interesting. I went up to a lady with a baby Santa outfit that was in both the baby boy and the baby girl section and asked her who she could see wearing the outfit. She said, "Well, I guess it could be for both" before continuing to look at linens.

The write-in was a lot of fun. I wrote a lot. I started at a new chapter because I accidentally ended at the end of a chapter last night, so I spent all day thinking, "Okay, what's going to happen?" I think I know more of what's going to happen, though. I just have to make it to 16 August in novel time. Two more months. And yes, I know the final twist, too. This is going to be good.

I think I actually hit my word count for today too at the write-in. Yay!

Now to eat dinner and type all that up. My hand hurts because of all that writing.