November 7th, 2006

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Aurora MagPo Contest!

What could be easier than
creating poems from thin air?
Making poems from words already there!

Have fun today at the
Aurora's Magnetic Poetry Contest
and make a magnetic poem! It can be as silly as you want.

When: Today, 7 Nov 2006
Where: Upper Evans--look for the purple Aurora sign.
Time: Lunchtime--11:30am-2pm

The winners will appear in this year's edition of Aurora, ASC's art and literary magazine.
hot chocolate: join me?

Okay, everyone, I need your help.

Remember yesterday when I mentioned Astra broke her nose?

Well, now she's going to the hospital to get her nose fixed and everything that entails. Now I need some help.

Have you ever broken your nose? What was the hospital experience like? How long did you stay? How long did you take to heal? What did they do to you in terms of fixing your nose? How did having a broken nose interfere with your everyday life? I've found a fantastic resource for this, so now I'm looking for personal experience here, so tell!

(also posted to NaNo forums)
Also, the women's studies midterm is over! It wasn't as bad as I thought. Yay.