November 8th, 2006

sell soul


Word Count: 23190 words

Oh. My. God.

Remember my mild e-fame I mentioned a few days back?

Go. Listen to WrimoRadio. You know you want to hear my gorgeous voice. My tip's on there! (You can download it right off the site if you don't want to subscribe to the podcast.) I'm mildly e-famous!

Also, I probably won't be giving proper updates on stuff until the weekend. I have a meeting Friday, a meeting with my advisor Friday, an assignment due tomorrow, and a book to start reading to women's studies. Oh, and a DE problem set out and an astronomy test out Tuesday. And women's studies reading. And reading for French. And a lab to finish. And *headdesk* Can I just clone myself to get all this done?
writing: plot ninjas

I think I win, just not at NaNo...yet.

Word Count: 25546 words

Halfway there. Win.

I used a word war to my advantage to finish my women's studies assignment. It worked. I finished it without poking at it. Tomorrow morning I'll read it to make sure it's decent before printing it.

Also, WrimoRadio. Go listen. I'm on there about 2:30 in if you don't want to listen to the whole thing. Dude, Chris Baty said my name and I got an e-mail from him saying he'd use my tip! I think I'm in NaNoHeaven right now.

What else? I think I'm getting past the hump that has been the past two days. I hope. We'll see what happens.

A proper update will come this weekend or so.