November 9th, 2006

puzzle: scattered pieces

Gender Transgression Help!

All right, everyone, I need some (academic) help. We all know I need some mental help, but we'll leave that for later, okay?

The next women's studies is a gender transgression exercise. Think about gender norms. You know, things guys do, things girls do. (Ever notice that there's not an equivalent for "girl" that falls between "girl" and "woman"? Yeah, that bothers me too.) It can be anything. Now I need to choose something that I as a woman do1 to transgress--or break--that norm. If you don't have any cool ideas, you can still help by throwing gender norms at me. I may not use every single one of them, but they'll give me a good diving board.

I'd really like to do this over the weekend, so ideas before then would be awesome. And no, I don't practise gender discrimination, so everyone's welcome to throw ideas out there!

1Yes, I wrote the last sentence just to make that point.