November 16th, 2006

lion: yay!

Bow to the, green. It'll be purple in a few days.

Word Count: 50170 words


So the novel, as it stands right now, has its very crappy places, its moderately crappy places, and its gems of brilliance. But you know what? I think it's salvageable. And by salvageable, I mean with a lot of work, I think I can actually do something with it. I can already think of a lot of scenes to add to it and to rewrite; I have a text document with notes of those in it. I can think of tons of description to add, tons of little hints of things to come to add. I know you're thinking, "So why don't you add those already?" The truth is that I've just finished pounding out a draft, and now I need to recover. The important part is that the draft is done. I can do everything else later. Right now, "everything else" is real life.
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