November 17th, 2006

calvin and hobbes: don't want to study

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DE Assignment: Check.
Astronomy Test: Check.

Those were the big things. Yay. Now to look forward to a weekend of getting more work done and relaxing in the non-NaNo state.

Now the big question is whether I have women's studies reading for Tuesday because, well, I don't remember. I do know I should probably start reading The Handmaid's Tale and actually do the academic part of my astronomy paper (i.e. non-planet wank part). Oh, and my DE homework before we get the test. That too.

In other news, I found a big gorgeous yellow leaf. I also feel sick, like I'm about to throw up any instant now. Not fun. I'll do something about that. First, a return to the NaNo forums before dinner. Yaaay!

EDIT: I really do suck at remembering birthdays. (Yes, QS reminded me.) Happy birthday Ellen!