November 26th, 2006

writing: plot bunnies wanted

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I leave for Agnes in a few minutes.

Progress on that to-do list? I finished reading for French, and I started that women's studies assignment and the astronomy paper. I think I'm actually making progress. Yes, I will make it.

Real content will come whenever I have more time on my hands to write it. Dr. Nbook is suffering as it is. Maybe I should go internet-less so it'll get more quality time.

Also, I just signed up for nano_year. Jami and Arii, why dost thou tempt me so with all those shiny writerly things? Okay, so I probably won't do all of them since I'm actually planning on editing NaNo 2006 next year. Still, I want to do some of them and actually keep writing. I'll have to set up a plot bunny farm. Jeez.
sounded better in my head

I'm back at Agnes!

Yes, I'm back. I should be working on that women's studies assignment or that astronomy paper, now that I have access to all my bookmarks for astronomy (I forgot to take them home with me. Oh well.), but I'm not. I did start everything over the break, which I must say is more than I though I'd do.

Oh, bow to the purple. Yes, I finally verified my novel, and I'm now a five-time NaNoWriMo winner. Yay.

We get DE Test the Second tomorrow. It'll be due next Monday, safely after everything due Thursday and after the TGIO party on... Friday, I think?

You know, after all that novel-writing, I've been feeling a little dry lately. Not dry skin, dry-minded. I need something to wet my brain a little and make me think some more. Or maybe the Internet is having its brain-drying influence on me. I remember that week when I actually didn't have as much Internet as usual because I couldn't figure out that I could just unscrew the cable/Internet/phone box and just find the internet cord and plug it back in. It was worth it, though. I did a crazy amount of writing in Dr. Nbook, even finishing one and starting another one. I'm hardly halfway through that one, though, and now I have six blank ones waiting for me to write in them. Six? When am I going to get time to write in them? Oh, right.

So I may be pulling myself away from the Internet in the near future to spend some quality time with Dr. Nbook. Oh wait, I was going to attempt to be more social too. How am I supposed to do both? Aren't those two just a tad bit contradictory? I guess we could make some sort of group journal. One of my friends in middle school and I did that. It didn't last very long because we didn't really want to keep it in the summer. Oh well.

I found myself thinking about friendship yesterday, though. Jeffrey had his birthday party yesterday, and of course he had a bunch of friends over. He has had most of the same friends since kindergarten. Now granted, he hasn't started college yet, and he did stay in the same school system his entire life. Still, to stay in basically the same group of close friends his entire life is amazing. Well, compared to me, at least. I hardly stayed in the same group of friends for two years. I think I kept the same close friends for... about two years, maybe, before falling into different groups. I think I just have some really messed-up group dynamics or something.

I'll chew on that one for awhile. Mmm, group dynamics.
not rhetorical?

I should be working on my women's studies assignment.

Instead, I'm reading articles off the Nudity Portal at Wikipedia. (I think the portal title is all the warning you need before clicking.) I never knew there was a topless movement. Ah, the things you learn through Wikipedia.

Which brings me to my point. Anyone know what the middle part of the bra is called? I've tried Google, Wikipedia, and, but all I get is... the middle part of the bra. Wow, that helps a lot. Actually, I guess I could use that, but the person in the ad isn't wearing a bra, or at least it doesn't remind me of one. The middle part of the top, maybe?

So if you have a name, let me know. Otherwise, I'll probably just use the middle part of the top.

Edit 9:50pm Yes, I'm procrastinating again. I just fixed the link to the ad. I forgot the http:// part. But I just realized you couldn't see the text under Fetish, which is the really disturbing part: Apply generously to your neck so he can smell the scent as you shake your head "no".

I'm concentrating on that right now. Oh, the verbal overtones.