November 28th, 2006

water contains hydrogen

Power Outage. Yes, the second one of the day.

Well, that was interesting. I just came in from work and was reading the friends list and about to update before getting back to reading Ryan's essay when suddenly the power went out in front of me. Hrm, strange, I thought. I actually had a bit of fun staring into darkness for a few seconds before nearly tripping over the stuff I had packed to bring back to Agnes (I decided to unpack my stuff as I wore it) before fumbling for the essay and for Dr. Nbook. Then I went out in the hall to see if everyone else's power had gone out. I assumed that it had, but I saw a sliver of light under my door, so the hall lights were on. Then I noticed that the lights in Rebekah were on, so it certainly wasn't that wide.

I went in the hall, where one person was mad because she was writing a paper and had forgotten to save her work. Actually, mad is an understatement here. She was furious. She was banging on the walls and the trash cans and yelling at nobody in particular to get it fixed, even we all know that it wouldn't have helped very much. Other people gathered, and we started to wonder whether it was the whole building, even though we saw that the hall lights and the lights in the bathroom were still on. I decided to find out since I was rather curious.

When I got to the third floor, a facilities worker greeted me. I saw Casey and asked her. Their power had been out for half an hour. I went back to second floor and reported what I had found.

"Half an hour?" one person asked. "Is it getting fixed?" I told her that yes, someone was already up there and should be down here too soon. Then I went to fourth floor to see how widespread the situation was.

Someone was leaving her room when I got to fourth floor. I cornered her and asked.

"About five minutes," she said. Hrm, I thought. That's about long ours has been out. I looked in their bathroom. No lights. Their hall lights were on, though, just like third floor. So I headed back to second floor.

Well, it is the end of the semestre, after all, and all of us have work to do. We're Scotties, so we just find alternate ways. I told Kali and Tiffany (Tiffany was relying on battery power for her laptop and Kali was using the light on her cell phone to hunt for...something. I don't know what.) this before leaving to type up this entry in the science building. I should be able to pick up wireless here, but it's refusing to pick up. Ah well. I'll figure it out later, probably when I have Internet access again.

I'll post this when I get back to the room and then resume the reading of Ryan's essay. (And you had a special away message too! It probably got erased since I didn't save it. Oh well.)
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