December 2nd, 2006

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Dear Main,

Please to be stopping with the maintenance craziness. Cold showers and lack of heat do not go well together. Seriously.

Love, Sujin


Let's just say that last night felt warm compared to my attempt to wash my hair this morning. Bria warned me last night, but I didn't listen--or maybe I was just too tired to. Either way, this morning I was in the shower, and I gave up. I just washed my hair in the cold water. I don't think I did the best job, but we just got an e-mail from Brenna saying the water had been fixed. I should mail her telling her my heat is broken.

As for the rest of yesterday, I was a bit sad that NaNo was over, but three things made it better. The first was the decoration in Evans, complete with a real tree that smells of pine as you pass. Mmm, pine. Shiny lights always make things better.

Thing number two was what appeared in my mailbox. I donated to NaNo this year, and my thank-you stuff came in the mail today. When I saw "Office of Letters and Light" as the return address, I squeed. I really did. Then I got even more excited and tore into it.

Thing number three was meeting twirlandswirl and museumfreak, but I have a lot to write on that and a DE test due Monday at five (I just realized that I could read that as "detest", except I don't detest DEs), so I should probably do that.
writing: within this journal

Beauty under the, I'm waxing poetic today, aren't I?

Renu and I went to Bria's dance performance tonight. It was fantastic. It was also a nice break from my DE test, which I'm halfway finished with after spending a good bit of the day on it. And by that, I mean "working and dicking around on the Internet". Gee, you'd think I'd be doing something productive when I'm not working. Apparently not. Oh well.

We played Hangman on my pocket dictionary before the performance and during the intermission, and there was one word that we just couldn't figure out. _u_u. I'm about to go look it up now. Any ideas? Edit: OneLook just gave me 139 results for that combination. I feel better for not knowing it now. I think we would have had about 50 to choose from from what we had already guessed (we were trying to decide the last letter).

Anyway, it's December again, and embodiment signups are open again! What is it, you ask? It's a paper journaling project. You keep a paper journal and write something in it every day for a year. Now as we all know so well, I do keep Dr. Nbook, even though I'm not so great at writing in it every day. So basically I failed miserably last year, going days without writing in Dr. Nbook. I think I went a week last month without writing in it. Sad times.

But anyway, I'm still doing it again this year in the hopes of writing something every day. After all, the best way to become a better writer is to, well, write. That's why I started Dr. Nbook in the first place; I wanted to be a writer, so I decided to practice my craft. I need to get back to doing that. This is a good place to start.

So if you want to do this too, just join the community! It doesn't matter whether you do collages or photography or just text in your journal. (I'm a text person myself with the occasional doodle. There's a beauty in the written word that stands out on its own.) I'll see you there.

And I still need to write the promised update, and I still have yet another one to write. I'll do that later.