December 3rd, 2006

le petit prince: soleil

Meeting twirlandswirl and museumfreak

So I met twirlandswirl and museumfreak on Friday night. I knew that the hotel Ann was staying at was next to Perimeter Mall, so I took MARTA like I was going up there. Of course, being the occasionally overconfident person that I am, I forgot to bring directions with me. So I headed toward the mall and tried to think of which way to go. Finally I decided to go to my left, thinking that of all those tall buildings, surely one of those was the hotel I was looking for.

Well, they weren't. After making another turn and going the other way, I figured that I may as well ask for directions so at the very least I would be less lost. I stopped in a Barnes and Noble, where a group of Girl Scouts greeted and offered free gift wrap. I thanked them for the offer and headed for the Starbucks in there. I bought a peppermint hot chocolate (it was freezing out there!) and asked for directions after I paid. The people there didn't know but told me I could ask customer service. One person asked another customer, who gave me directions but warned me that they may not be completely right.

Some direction was better than none, though, so I left, hot chocolate in hand. I still had some time since Ann (erm, twirlandswirl) called me on my way there and told me she was running late. Sure enough, the customer's directions were right, despite the dark streets that I was walking down. I didn't wander into any creepsters, though, and eventually found a sidewalk. As I was waiting for my time to cross, I saw a bunch of buses. What are those? I wondered. Then I saw GO GATORS! written on one window. I grinned. They had shown up. Right after they passed, the crosswalk turned green, and I crossed.

After a few minutes in the hotel lobby scribbling down this adventure, I called Ann and told her that I had arrived. She told me her room number, and I found it. Now, you'd expect room n to be across the hall from, or at least next to, room n-1, right?


This room was three doors down, I think. Something like that, anyway. If it weren't for the signs I wouldn't have found it. I knocked. She answered.

After that we just hung out and waited for museumfreak to show up. Shirt-ironing, phone-tripping, and wifi-lamenting took place outside the mass of talking. When Kathy (er, museumfreak) called Ann, I attempted to give her directions, but as some of us know, I'm terrible at giving directions and even worse at following them, especially since I had gotten there in the first place. Finally we just decided to meet at the mall.

So Ann and I headed out. We found the mall much easier than I found the hotel, but the entrance to the main part of the mall was a different story. Finally we found a sign in Macy's (and I've been there before, too!) that said "Mall Entrance". We won at malls.

We went in and finally met up with Kathy at the food court. Kathy forgot my plushie (she got me in the plushie exchange), but ah well. I can get it another time. I should probably e-mail her about that. There, done. After talking for a lot longer about life, support and LiveJournal, we got some food at a sushi place. They had sushi candles! No, I'm serious. They were candles, and they looked like sushi. I should have bought one, but I didn't. Oh well. I can always find them online during my next binge.

After that and a lot more talkage, Ann was getting together with another friend of hers in the area, so we left the mall to wait. We passed an iPod vending machine before we left. I'm not kidding. An iPod vending machine. Okay, so there were headphones and stuff like that in there, too, but the idea cracks me up.

Ann called her friend and found out that he'd be in a green car. We looked outside. A green car. We started waving as we went outside. The guy looked at us weird. He must have thought we were crazy. A few minutes Ann's friend did show up, she left (group hug!) and Kathy and I took MARTA back, all the while talking and scaring some of the riders.

After all this, I was too tired to update when I got back except to say that I did, in fact, go out and do stuff on a Friday night. Go me. It was a lot of fun, though. Now I want a sushi candle. And some sushi. Mmm, sushi.
foxtrot: normal is unnatural


I love my planet wank paper. I was doing some last-minute research (okay, who are we kidding here? Most of my research is last minute!) looking up something to cite for Eris on Galileo, these were some of the results on the first page, sorted by most recent.

Scientist Who Found Tenth Planet Discusses The Downgrading Of Pluto
Hrm, this one makes sense. After all, Eris was there.

Eris Apparel Designs Sexy and Comfortable Clothing for the Busty Figure
Well, I'm not busy, but I'd like some Eris apparel. Mmm, discordant clothing. I guess my wardrobe would count, as I'm not known for matching my outfits. I buy my outfits individually as an attempt to match stuff, okay? That's how terrible I am at this stuff.

Not for Shrinkingviolets; Local designer gets off on MySpace
At first I read this as "gets off of MySpace", which would make a little sense. But hey, I guess some people do get off on random weirdos.

Xenas[sic] out, Eris is in as the naming battle for a new planet ends: Named for the Greek goddess of discord and strife, the new name hints at some possible disagreement in the astrological community, writes Tom Spears.
Well, I know a bunch of astrologers still consider Pluto a planet for astrological purposes. I think they use something with Eris too, but I can't remember what at the moment. Maybe I should cite that. It would be interesting, anyway.

Anthocyanin pigments in strawberry.
I'm not seeing Eris here. I'm thinking cyanine, though, except the best way to poison a strawberry would be to poison the chocolate you dip the strawberry in. Unless the person's allergic to chocolate. Then you'd have to go for the strawberries and the anthocyanin. Who says I can't have the LJDQ attitude outside the ljdq?

A note on new confidence intervals for the difference between two proportions based on an Edgeworth expansion.
It's in a stats journal; therefore, it's in a part of math that I don't know about. Yet. So I'm going to make stuff up. So this article is studying how big your ego gets as you go through different situations, which is what the Edgeworth expansion is. Of course, some of us have big egos all the time and make the Edgeworth expansion blow up, while some of us have more stable Edgeworth expansions. Others have very chaotic Edgeworth expansions. I'm one of those people.

Two new unitary-invariant and size-consistent perturbation theoretical approaches to the electron correlation energy.
*blinks* I'm not even trying this one. It's in a chemistry journal anyway. I do remember getting the highest score on the math part of my final exam in high school chemistry, and the teacher's exams were famous for being hard (they got harder after I got out of his class, I heard; Jeffrey had him two years later). Wonder why.
Oh, and the article mentions ERIs (I'll look them up later). That explains why this article showed up, at least.

Bayesian priors in sequential binomial design.
The ants go marching n by n...hoorah! hoorah!
The ants go marching n by n...hoorah! hoorah!
The ants go marching n by n
The little one peeks into the bay
And his twin goes with him...down...into...the bayesian!
Now... what's the probability that I believe this song? (Yes, this was in a math journal.)

I LEARN STUFF FROM MY PEERS every day. Sometimes I even learn stuff from them.

Sawing Techniques
The author of this article and the last one was Reis. Maybe Galileo goes for every combination of Eris it can find. Hrm. Either way, when I was little I liked to look at my sandwich and see what I had nibbled it into. I still do this with my food sometimes. I still see shapes in the clouds all the time, too. I saw Great Britain in the clouds one day.

All in My Head: An Epic Quest To Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache.
I've had a headache since early this afternoon. Maybe this book review could help. I'm curious about how a month-long headache that came at the same time every day could be enlightening, though. Eris is the author of this article, which at least explains one thing.

When Sex Is More Than Just Sex: Attachment Orientations, Sexual Experience, and Relationship Quality
Okay, so Reis is the author of this article, but this one amused me to no end. I'm searching for a planet to find articles on a paper on planet wank, and I find articles on, sex. Considering part of my paper is about the Internet community's attachment to Pluto, it's scarily related to the topic. I should be scared now.
Oh, and how much did I write on that paper today? Hardly a sentence, as I was finding sources for a couple of nitpicky things. No matter, though. I still have time. I finished the DE test this afternoon, so there's still hope for me yet!