December 7th, 2006

rubik's cube

Le gasp. A meme.

That's right. If you want a Christmas/Hanukkah/Decemberween/my could-have-been birthday (I was due on Christmas Day. Really. If it really happened, it would have made me one really sad little kid.) card, let me know. All comments are screened if you want to leave it (or a link to an entry with your address); you know the drill. I accidentally forgot to screen them, as I found out in my test version of this. Oh well.

Or you can IM or e-mail it to me; all that information is in my userinfo if you don't already have it.

I'll probably send them out after Christmas because, well, I'm lazy now. And I can actually attempt to put some thought in them.

Edited right after the posting to make sure comments were actually screened. And they're not. Boo. So just e-mail or IM them to me. All that's in my userinfo.

EDIT: So apparently they're screening after all. Yay. You can leave them here after all. I'm guessing my test didn't go through because, well, it was me. Oh well.
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hitchhiker's guide: towel

It is freezing. That is all.

Current temperature: -2C
Wind: NNW: 9 m/s
(Yes, it's in Celcius. Deal.)

Yeah, this isn't funny. Seriously. I nearly froze on the way back from work tonight, and it's just from Buttrick to my dorm.

I turned in my astronomy paper this morning. Win. It saddens me a little bit, though, because I'm finished with a paper I enjoyed so much, and I wish I had the time to look into the topic even more. I mean, I could have written a five-page paper on Internet reactions from LiveJournal alone from all perspectives: science, astrology, ordinary people. And that's just a really small piece of the picture.

I also managed to finish The Handmaid's Tale just before class so the ending wasn't wrecked for me. Yay.

Also, Mira has gotten me back into playing Minesweeper. Guess we know what I'll be doing over the next few days. That game's so addictive. It makes me think and not think at the same time. Speaking of addictions, Polly showed me this Hitchhiker's Guide text-based game. It's sort of like Zork, only... Hitchhiker-esque. My favourite part so far?

> find brain
You'll have to do that yourself.

> find common sense
You'll have to do that yourself.

And yes, I still died. I'm working on it. And just before finals, too. Well, at least she took me seriously and waited until after November...
Now I need a topic for my French paper. It's due Monday, but it's only 2-3 pages. I'm on top of soon as I find a topic. I can do that this weekend.

I also need to finish reading for astronomy and women's studies (yes, we met for the last time today), finish my DE homework, and start studying for finals. But it's almost over!

What else is there? Gah, I feel so undeep lately. Oh! If you want a card from me, let me know. I have a screened comment entry just for that purpose.

And that's all.