December 9th, 2006

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I went out last night. No, let me restate that. I got invited out last night, and I accepted the invitation.

Much geekiness ensued on my part, like a sociology application of limit cycles and thinking of this comic when I heard the song mentioned in the comic.

Lesson learned, though. Yes, it's cold outside. However, wearing a sweater because of said cold and then dancing like everything inside does not bode well for you. I guess more social events are in order for me to relearn these things.

More on all that later, though, for my French paper awaits.

Oh! Say nice things about me! Feel free to leave your name in a separate thread as well so I can say nice stuff about you. Unfortunately it won't be anonymous since LJ thinks this IP is an open proxy. Well, we're all on one IP here. That might be a reason. Hrm.
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I don't remember if I posted this here or in the Complaint Thread on the Nano forums, but a few weeks ago or so some of the lyrics for some of the songs started to cut out. I'd start listening, and everything would sound nice, and all of a sudden "Yellow Submarine" would come on, and I couldn't hear the lyrics. The instrumental would be fine, but the lyrics? Nothing. I dismissed this as Itunes being annoying and selective, although I couldn't imagine why.

Then I was putting off my astronomy paper a few days ago, and I started fiddling with the cord on my headphones. Suddenly the music started to get louder. To be more accurate, I could hear music coming through both ears. That was it! I put "Yellow Submarine" on to test my hypothesis. It worked. Score.

So it looks like I'm overdue for some new headphones. I'll take care of that when I get back.

Oh, that French paper? I'm down to five inches. I need two to three pages. I can do this. I even have a topic now, and that was the hard part.
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