December 11th, 2006

sounded better in my head

The reason my body still hurts so badly

So it still hurts to get up. Ow.

Now to Friday. Bria and Lauren invited me to JingleBash, which is a party their church was putting on. Food, dancing, and guys, they said, although I really wouldn't be in it for the third. And of course I'm not Christian (which is an extremely long story I'll save for a separate entry because it deserves it...and come to think of it, I don't think I've really talked about religion in the year and a half I've had this journal, and this has been the time that I've thought about religion most. Strange.), but as long as they don't try to convert me, I won't try to convert them (except maybe to my own religion consisting of math and frantic novel-writing), and we'll all be happy.

So I went. Terry, Renu,and I got there after... eleven, I think? We were late, anyway. Either way, we hit the food table and after a bit of hanging out, Renu and I hit the dance floor. Or rather, I discovered that being a wallflower was kind of boring, so standing out would be kind of nice.

Now there's one thing you should know. According to the standards that most people set for dancing, I'm a terrible dancer. I have no coordination and I have two reft feet, but nobody complains to me about it, so I'm good. It's sort of like liquid courage, only without the liquid because it tastes funny.

But I got out there anyway, and I had a great time. I noticed something, though. We were all trying to stay in the square. When one of us got out of the square, we were forced back in--not by our friends, but by our own desire to be in the square, the socially acceptable area to dance. I thought about this, and I thought about the limit cycles we talked about on Friday in DEs. Basically, your solutions are trapped and can't get out even though they want to, so they wind up going in a cycle. It's really cool.

After awhile, though, I noticed that everyone was doing the same thing. Yes, in the box. Limit cycles in action. We conform to what society thinks we should be, and as a result we go around and around, doing the same thing over and over again. It gets rather dull after awhile. Of course, I had to change things up a bit.

I tried explaining this to one guy as an attempt to talk to people. He just gave me a weird look. Okay, so most people aren't too open to math, especially with total strangers. But then I thought about it. Even if he were trying to hit on me, how would I turn him down? I mean, I've never had to turn anyone down before. Not because I've always been desperate for a guy, but because of lack of opportunity to do so, I guess. So if ever I need to turn someone down, I'll never know how to do it nicely. I'll probably just be the evil person that I am, should I ever get to do so.

Anyway, enough on that. So I came in around two (after we got lost in downtown Atlanta around 1am for about ten minutes or so), and I just collapsed.

P.S. So you may know about the girl's guide to geek guys. But did you know there's also a guy's guide to geek girls? Yes, I'm serious. I love this line.

Voyager got it right: a woman's place IS in the Captain's chair. Or in Engineering. Or anywhere else that requires her to use her brain instead of just being a 'nurturing figure.'

Awesome and seconded.

Another update will follow later on lunch and a badfic idea. I blame Arielle and Jenny.
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Yes, that badfic idea. Here we go.

All right, the badfic idea.

I ate lunch with Arielle, Jenny, and Sarah. Somehow the conversation went from public folders to my stripper story to the stripping industry in general to porn to boys. "Boys are scary," I said.

"No, I just think boys should die," Jenny replied.

"But you're dating Satan," Arielle replied.

Jenny turned to me. "Satan?"

"Well, I'm God, so," I replied.

"That's odd," she said.

And then the badfic begins. Basically, if God and Satan have kids, they'll be the spawn of Satan, but they'll be human, too. Since Satan lured God just like he lured Eve, then God's also Eve, meaning I'm also Eve.

Let the badfic commence.
Also, Renu gave me my Christmas present today--Flatland! *squee* Erm, for those who don't know, it's a book about math. In fiction. Which is a lot like my mathverse, only my mathverse is all shades of messed up because my brain's on crack. I actually told Shannon this at dinner tonight--the brain on crack part--and she said that I'm probably the only person who'd ever say that. But yay! I've been meaning to read that for a really long time as planning for the mathverse for NaNoWriMo 2007.
Let's see. I'm officially finished with French for the semestre. I turned in that paper today in class and actually participated despite having not read the second part of that story. I probably talked more than I usually do, although I'm not sure that says much.

To Do Tomorrow:
-DE homework
-astronomy reading
-WS reading
-work (2-3pm)
-ask Dr. Riddle about that one problem on the last test
-pace, pace, pace