December 12th, 2006

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Reading day the first

Women's studies reading: Check.

DE problems: Finished.

LSC: Finished for the semestre.

Speaking of the LSC, I was helping some Calc I students this afternoon when one of them read a problem that began, "The efficiency of a screw can be modeled..." We can all guess where my mind went. I also have a tentative work schedule for next semester, which is... almost the same schedule I have now. What do you know? It was my first choice schedule, anyway. Still, that's interesting.

Pancake jam tonight! Whoo!

I promise I'll have something more coherent to write after finals are over.
all I want is proof


So Ryan's Christmas card arrived today... at home. (You could have told me that before I checked my Agnes mailbox for it. :P) I got a call from Mum about it tonight.

"Do you know anyone from Canada?" she asked.

I tried not to laugh. "Yes," I replied.

She asked for a name. I told her.

"Well, it was addressed funny," she said. "So I opened it."

I asked her about the address. "It's for Su--S-U--a.k.a. God," she told me.

I tried to hold in the giggles. It didn't work. Instead I said, "Hey, you knew someone had to shorten my name eventually."

The excited part of me wants to try to finish my exams as quickly as possible so I can get home to read that card. The rest of me wants to take my time and lounge around and enjoy; after all, I have other ways of distracting myself. All because certain people have great ways of bringing about change in my life during exams.

Now, pancake jam!
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Last update for the day, I promise.

Minda got a really big box in the mail today. She brought it to lunch with her, and we all started to bug her to open it. She finally did, and at the top was a bunch of bubble wrap, among other things (like brownies. Mmmm, brownies). After going through the stuff, she let us have the bubble wrap, so now I have a slab of bubble wrap.

Why do I mention this? Because every time I've been feeling stressed/demotivated/apathetic/generally down, and I want stress relief/motivation/a good laugh, I just pop some of the bubble wrap. It really works.

I'm definitely investing in some of this stuff. It costs less than therapy, anyway. This, writing, math, grammar, and everything else I love should keep me from completely losing it, although I'm getting asymptotically close.