December 15th, 2006

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Goals for today:

-study for women's studies exam
-outline essays for said exam (I even have a topic for the second essay. Win.)
-start the final DE problem set

The end goal? Take women's studies exam tomorrow afternoon, or Monday night at absolute latest.

What else? I guess some food is in order before studying for great justice.

I'm studying. Really.

So far today I have written up seven definitions for women's studies (out of... about forty. I think.) and been called the math genius of the math geniuses at lunch today. *blink* Somehow I didn't think that was possible, considering I'm the poster child of procrastination. It still amuses me.

I should probably, you know, start my DE exam, considering it's due Tuesday afternoon. Knowing me I'll probably do the whole thing in two days. Hey, I got a 94 on the last test, and I did it just on the weekend before it was due. Of course, I spent about 1/3 of the time cursing Maple and its stubbornness, which might explain a few things. Still.

Ah well. Today's Friday. Days of the week have no meaning during exams, though, except to tell me what times I can take exams.

Also, the weather? 20C. What on earth. Christmas is in ten days. And it's 20C. Warm, for crying out loud. Granted, I'm glad it's warm now that November's over, but it's taunting me so! I'm stuck in here studying reading random lists on Uncyclopedia, and the sin Sun's peeking in my window, whispering, "You know you want to..." But if I go outside, I'll feel guilty that I'm not doing anything productive because, after all, I'm trying to study! And lather, rinse, repeat. Le sigh. Next thing you know the differential equations are going to come after me, all dressed in their white coats, ready to take me away.

Wait. They already have.