December 19th, 2006

lion: yay!


I just turned in my DE final. I didn't do the extra credit, even though I really wanted to. I'm ready for break. I'll be out of here in a few hours. More when I get back.

I'm baaack in Ringgold!

So I'm back in Ringgold. The trip home was fun, for I noticed that after you get out of Atlanta, you see trees instead of tall buildings. Yes, I'm definitely in the backwoods now. As Dad and I pulled into our road, we passed Grandmother's house. Her garage door was open, and she was getting something out of her car. We stopped to see her. She gave me a hug and then handed me something in the trunk to take in the house. Yes, I'm definitely back.

I didn't eat lunch since I had no idea when Dad would be showing up. As a result, I was starving when we got home around fourish. I ate some cherry vanilla ice cream at Grandmother's so I wouldn't spoil my appetite too much when we went out for dinner. And go out we did after Mum came in and she put the milk in the fridge. I got in the house, dropped Yoshi and my backpack off in my room, and saw Ryan's card on my bed. I dove for it and read it. I know I already told you this, but thank you! Much love goes your way.

So we went to Don Lolo's. At dinner Jeffrey asked me if I had a MySpace, just because he wanted to friend me and leave me crazy comments.

I blinked, mostly because 1) I don't have a MySpace and I never will, and 2) I think MySpace is the spawn of Satan. I told him both of these things while laughing entirely too hard. Then he asked me if I had a Facebook, during which time I assured him that just like almost every other college student in the nation, yes, I'm on Facebook.

And that was that. So now I'm back for a few weeks relaxing between semestres, trying to figure out what on earth to do with myself. Yay.