December 21st, 2006

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Erm, excuse the eleventy-ones.


If you want to be spoiled like I was, it is Collapse ). Seriously, I was reading my friends list, and I have leaky_cauldron's news updates on my friends list. And... I got spoiled because the release of the title came after (i.e. I read it first) the one about the little game you play on JKR's website to find out the title.

Excuse me while I render myself incoherent.

Edit: If you're stuck, here are spoiler-free instructions on how to get in. I don't recommend clicking the comments or my lj-cut if you want to avoid spoilers for the obvious reasons.

Now the real question was whether this was title one, two, or three.
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Crappy Paint!me

In the meantime, I redid my Facebook profile since it still had the NaNoWriMo theme to it. I made it somewhat ... normal, if you can call it that. Since I have very few decent pictures of myself, I decided to have fun and make one in Paint. Yes, Paint. Here's the result:

Collapse )

It reminds me of elementary school when we'd use Paint, and I'd put the black background on just so I could play with the spray thing. I had way too much fun with that. Still do, really, even though the spray thing back then was much more fun because it was bigger. Now it's small, but it's better for making curly hair without giving it an 80's look.

Hrm, I think I'll put my crappy Paint drawing on my profile too. Hermione and the birds have been there forever.

Oh, and the hair's dark brown. Not black. I used to correct kids in elementary school about it, insisting that it really was brown because it is. Yes, I was that anal about it.

By the way, I just checked my userinfo, and the last entry announcing the title of Book Seven was Entry #500. Yay! What a way to celebrate that.