January 1st, 2007

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You know what? Screw being deep. I don't have to search for depth; it'll come when it's ready.

I'm only 393 words into my nano_year project, and I already can't stand my main character. She's, well, not the type of person who would become a stripper, which is what's going to happen to her. She's also extremely bossy--almost like Hermione, and I actually like Hermione, probably because I can identify with her, but only to an extent. As soon as I put off more writing and making fun of it, I'll post it in here.

I'll probably ditch this idea and start something else. Gee, even my first Wriye project in 2004 lasted five days before I ditched it for something different (which I didn't finish, of course). I have two plot bunnies dancing around my head right now. Maybe I'll pick up a wrimobuddies challenge. We'll see.

I did write in Dr. Nbook today, so that was a success. Yay. I didn't write much, but I wrote something. Hey, at least I started something.

So be good, everyone (nearly typed god, but that's my job). I'll be back soon with what I've written so you can make fun of it.

P.S. I think my first LJ words of 2007 are the best things ever.
foxtrot: procrastination is lost art

As promised, an excerpt of my bad writing.

The original text is in bold for easier reading. The regular font is my commentary.

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For the curious, this is even worse than my normal first drafts, and that's saying something. Granted, I usually post decent snippets, but this is, well, horrid. Since I probably won't be doing anything publish-worthy with this, it's public, even though it's fiction. Rejoice.