January 4th, 2007

writing: plot bunny

A dream turned plot bunny

I write very slowly outside of November, for I am at only 2100 words. Ish.

Anyway, I had a dream last night. A woman who looked like a blonde young version of President Kiss was hiking up a mountain. Then in the background I heard the woman's voice. It sounded like a movie. "But I didn't care about all that," the woman said. "I just care that eight and eight are the same--and what they were an hour ago." I woke up nearly in tears, feeling so close to this woman, wondering if she was going to go crazy pondering this thought, if she held this thought so close to her heart. And then it came to me.

This woman was the child of two mathematicians. They raised her to be another mathematician, but as she told me later, "Those things--facts, proof, everything they talked about--they don't interest me." She interpreted the world through experience, through adventure, through the things she thought her parents frowned upon. So after she leaves high school, she decides to live on this. She puts all her funds into a road trip across the country to find herself. This journey takes her everywhere, into all sorts of odd jobs to make money, all sorts of people, and all sots of situations. She tries to get away from numbers completely in order to find herself.

Sometimes the thing you're running away from is exactly what you need.

Yes, there's my plot bunny. When it walked into my mind, though, I didn't think of it as a book like I do for everything else. With the background music and everything else, I saw it rather like a movie. Perfect timing, when you think about it, considering Script Frenzy is opening this summer. At first I told myself, "Maybe I'll do it if I'm not too busy and if I have an idea. I mean, novels are one thing to write off the top of my head, but screenplays?" Now I don't have an excuse. It'll also be a great writing exercise and a great change.

Other than that, today was uneventful besides my excellent blood pressure at the doctor's office. "Hey, nice blood pressure. Want to check out my aorta?"