January 10th, 2007

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I've meant to do this for a really long time.

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I wanted to do this when I finished #60 since that's a nice round number, but I figured I'd be at Agnes then, and I wouldn't have access to all my Dr. Nbooks. Yes, all of those are full. Well, except the one in the lower left-hand corner, the one I'm writing in now. The notebook in the upper right corner is #1 (now that I look at it, you can hardly see it), and I wrote mostly in spiral notebooks--the exception being the lavender journal I received in seventh grade from the guy I liked at the time--until I hit junior year of high school; basically, income => prettier notebooks.

And because I know people are going to ask, there are only fifty-five actual notebooks there because the red notebook in the second row is huge. Mum bought it for me so she wouldn't have to get me any more for awhile (I think she got tired of it, really--come to think of she, she's probably wondering where on earth I keep all of them), so I counted it for five.

Speaking of storage, my storage problem is becoming desperate. I can't think of anywhere in particular to put them at the moment, but after #60 or so, I'll definitely be scrambling for space.

Another thing I thought of was how long it took for me to complete these Dr. Nbooks. I wrote in 50 Dr. Nbooks from 1998 to 2004. Six years. I've slowed down in my writing (or I've bought thicker journals) since then since I've acquired a lot more than writing to do, but I still write. I could definitely reach #100 before I turn 30, considering I'll hit 60 sometime this year. That... is amazing.

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Remember Astra, the MC from my NaNoWriMo 2006 novel?

Trillian 4.0 is named after her. Seriously, it's Trillian Astra. *drool* Okay, so it's still in alpha testing, but still. It's not wrong to get excited over it, even if MC!Astra isn't quite as gorgeous as Trillian!Astra.

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