January 17th, 2007

rubik's cube

Not even twenty-four hours back...

...and I've already lost my keys. Yes, you read that correctly. I got out of bed at 8:30 this morning and thought, "Wow, I'm up early! I think I'll go eat breakfast in Evans for once since I'm actually up." So I got dressed since it's a shiver-worthy 2C outside, and then I realized I was missing something. My keys.

I searched my desk. I searched my dresser. I searched my closet, including my bathrobe, my jacket, and the pants I wore yesterday. They had to be around somewhere since I definitely used them last night. Then I sat down and remembered what I took out of my pocket last night. I put it in my desk. In a flash of brilliance, I opened my desk. Right there in front of my face were my keys. *facepalm* I grabbed them and my jacket and ran to breakfast. I barely made it.

Oh, guess what came in today? The Story of French. Yup, Part One of Ryan's birthday present. *squee with way too many e's go here* He addressed it to God again, which amused me to an extent that is ridiculous. Almost five hundred pages of French language funtimes. Mmmmm, language goodness.

I have meetings this afternoon, and I should probably go bug the math department about my scheduling confusion before I buy the rest of my books. Speaking of books, the ones I ordered online haven't come in yet. Considering I ordered them on Friday (I think), I'm not that surprised, especially with Monday as a holiday. Oh well.
harry potter: don't have to call me sir

They think I'm brilliant, not crazy.

But first for the story.

I went to the Tower Council meeting this afternoon. There were four new members of TC, Arielle among them. I told her about my schedule mini-crisis, and I let slip that I wanted to take astronomy too, but I didn't know when. Well, she's an astrophysics major, and she's taking it this semester (she couldn't take it last year because of schedule conflicts). She told me, "You know you want to. Come on, peer pressure." Then I thought, Well, I really do want to. Then I caved. "Fine, I'll take it," I said. "But what does that leave for the rest of the schedule?"

The TC meeting finished early, so I went to the LSC in the hopes of catching the end of the math LA meeting. They had finished early, but Ms. Schwarzlose was still in there. I looked over my schedule, said it was good (although now I need to get it changed for Tuesday night since I have lab then), and we talked for a few more minutes. Then I headed for my real destination: third floor Buttrick to discuss my plans with the department.

Nico was putting stamps on envelopes when I came in. We talked for a minute when I told her my crazy plan. "Do it!" she told me, pretty much reinforcing my inner child. It was sort of like giving my inner child cookies: give her one and she'll eventually want the whole jar, up to the point of grabbing a chair and taking the cookie jar on top of the fridge.

But who keeps the cookie jar on top of the fridge anyway?

I digress. I saw Dr. Lewin and decided to tell her what I was up to concerning my schedule. She didn't tell me I was crazy. "That's brilliant!" she said instead because she treated me like a junior in terms of math credits. That's nice, I thought. Now why didn't you tell me this last year when you thought I was crazy for taking multivariable and linear and your FYS at the same time? Ah well. We looked at the draft of math classes for the next few years outside her offices; yes, I'd still have classes left to take spring of senior year, which is good. So we planned on that; I mentioned that I'd be bugging her for letters of recommendation soon. We planned the next two semesters, and then she showed me some semester-long off-campus math stuff, including the semester in Budapest. It was the only copy she had, she told me, so I could look over those and bring them back to her.

So I went to Dr. Koch's office next to tell him what I was doing since he is my advisor now. I let him look through my papers so he could know a little about my history; I told him about my conversion to math, and so forth. He asked me if I was considering REUs for this summer since I've finished multivariable and linear (although my multivariable grade was "eh" compared to my other grades--I made a B in the class; I guess he missed my B in Calc I). Before I could told him I was, he started to tell me about them. Finally when he finished I said, "Actually, I'm definitely applying for this summer."

"Well, I guess I wasted my breath then," he joked.

And did I have any idea of what I wanted to do after graduation? Well, I was thinking about grad school, but only for the math. So basically if I'm still thinking about that a year from now we can have that chat again.

Another thing that we brought up was how the math department's going to keep me entertained for the next two years since I can basically take everything they're offering. (While I can technically graduate in 2008, I don't want to since I want to take everything in the math department and squeeze in both of these minors.) That's a good question, actually, and it'll probably take a lot.

With that, though, here's my final schedule:

Math 317 (Number Theory): MWF 1:00-1:50pm
Math 328 (Math Stats/Probability): TR 12:30-1:45pm
French 230 (Advanced Grammar): MWF 11:00-11:50am
Astronomy 121 (Galaxies and Cosmology): TR 9:30-10:45am
Astronomy 121L (Astronomy Lab): T 7:30-10:30pm

Er, I should get my work schedule changed for Tuesday night. Just the last hour, though. I'll be sending out a few e-mails.