January 25th, 2007

sleepy bunny

(no subject)

The great request for letters of recommendation goes out tomorrow. Considering the first deadline is 15 February, I should really get started on these applications. Yeah. Luckily, only the last one (10 March) needs to be snail mailed.

I have problems for astronomy, astronomy lab, and probability all due Tuesday. I've done one of them for astronomy (I'm still working on the extra credit), the astronomy lab problem is in progress, and the probability problem set remains untouched. Looks like I'll be busy this weekend.

That's really it. If I had time to sit down and write down everything as I thought of it, I'd probably remember more and have more to say, but I don't. Oh! I shadowed my first tour today, meaning that next time I'll be on my own. Yay. It was much fun.

I'm tired, so showering and sleeping are good things to do.