February 3rd, 2007

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Last night was awesome. Monday's Emily's birthday, so we celebrated in style. And by "we", I mean Emily, Minda, Shauna, Sandra, Charlotte, Radhika, Stephanie, and me. Emily's mum had ordered this ridiculously chocolatey cake for us, and we devoured it. Okay, I think there's still some left. Still, though. It was so chocolatey even I could hardly handle my whole slice. After that we all piled into the third floor lounge and watched Talladega Nights. It was so stereotypically southern; it's hilarious. And after that we stayed up until around 12:30 chatting about everything and nothing. I don't remember everything we talked about, although I do remember saying that the world could take only Paris Hilton at a time at one point. I think we were discussing Britney Spears at the time. Or something.

But yes, I had a great time, and I was actually *gasp* with people and being social. I never thought that was possible. And I was actually invited to the event. Maybe I'm actually becoming social after all. Who knew this was possible?

This, of course, meant that I collapsed into bed as soon as I returned to my room and slept until noon today. Seriously. This means that I've been up for just eight hours and I've done half a probability problem set (due Thursday), thought a lot about my number theory problem set (the harder of the two, due Friday), and... that's about it. I could make my Valentine for John Barson tonight, or read for astronomy. I think I'll do that since I don't have any other plans, and since I have a lot to do tomorrow. *coughREUappscough*
One more thing. Well, two, really. I answered a question for thisisthesmile yesterday, and I thought I'd give everyone else the same opportunity to ask me a question. Is there something you've always wanted to know about me, but have never asked, no matter how small or big? I mean, some of you haven't known me for that long. Even those who have known me for awhile may be confused over some things I talk about in my past. So here's your chance. Ask me, and I'll answer in a future entry. Only I can see the poll results, so go ahead; ask already!

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