February 4th, 2007

grammar: supposably

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"You will find a way to make your most arduous task interesting."

That was in the fortune cookie that I just opened. We'll see what happens with that. I do try to make what I do interesting. For example, the best thing about studying astronomy besides, well, studying astronomy? I get to look at pretty pictures of stars. Seriously. The book is plastered with them. It makes sense since this semester we're talking about stars and galaxies and nebulae and supernovae *swoon*, but they're just so gorgeous. So beautiful, and the book provides tons of pictures. It's fantastic.

I have two problem sets due. *collapses* I'm almost halfway through with one. I'd say I'm actually halfway finished, but one problem has eight parts to it. Grah.

Now. As we all know, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day because I believe in celebrating love every day instead of reserving one day in particular to celebrate love. Saying nice things about me (and about others!) is always in season, though. Luckily, svmadelyn is hosting the "say nice things about other LJ users" game again this year. So go say nice things about me. You know you want to.