February 5th, 2007

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I got a 99 on my number theory problem set. Win. The only thing he took points (okay, point) off for was my not explaining why 2 couldn't appear in a primitive Pythagorean triple (I was showing that 2n could appear in a PPT for all integers n > 2), and I didn't do that just because we had already discussed that in class. *shrug* Oh well.

This problem set, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. I know exactly what I want to prove for most of them, but I don't know where to start. Considering it's due Friday, I should probably start on it. I also want to do the challenge problem for probability as well, which will require Maple for the integration. Maybe I should have worked on this more over the weekend after all.

But today was long, to say the least. Calc, CTL meeting, French (which I was late to because of said CTL meeting), lunch, letting Stephanie borrow a pen so she could address a letter, number theory, work, reading the friends list, and more work. I left my room at 8:35 this morning and didn't see it again until 4pm today during my break between work shifts. That's the kind of day it was, and how Mondays with community hour events are.

I miss bothering Ryan. I hope his Internet connection gets repaired sooner than I can integrate ex.

I miss bothering Caitlin too. I've been meaning to write her a letter, but real life has gotten in the way. Grr, real life.

Also, I sent in another REU application today. I still haven't finished my résumé for that application, but I told them it was forthcoming. Two down, four to go. I also need to e-mail Dr. Riddle with a list of math courses I've taken, my reasons for applying to REUs, future plans, etc. to help him write my letters of recommendation. I'll do that tomorrow or Wednesday since his first letter isn't due until the 28th. (Hey, I've known him only a year. I can't ask for a pony yet.)

I think that's everything of importance. Carry on with your normally scheduled LiveJournaling.