February 9th, 2007

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First, Dr. Koch sent out my letters of recommendation yesterday. Electrons headed out toward Clemson, Duluth, Valpo, and Mt. Holyoke. Yay. This is good. The bad part is that I haven't finished my applications for Valpo and Mt. Holyoke. I definitely need to do that this weekend before they think, "Um, who's this person? We haven't gotten her application yet." Those two are next; actually, Valpo was next on the deadline list anyway.

I turned in my number theory assignment today after staying up until midnight last night to finish it. I filled both boards in the LSC with my scratchwork and progress, as it made such a nice change over doing it on paper. I was also much more productive in the process. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so we don't get pictures of my beautiful math. Oh well.

Oh! Emily, Sandra, and I just got back from Emory, where we watched Brokeback Mountain and stayed around for part of the discussion afterward. Tonight was my first time seeing the movie, and I liked it a lot. What struck me, though, was the audience. It was hosted by some psychoanalytic society at Emory, but Emily, Sandra and I were three of about five college students there. Everyone else was at least forty, and a lot of them appeared to know each other. There was this one hilarious woman in the back row who made a couple of remarks about Freud and boys imitating their mothers at an early age, and later about monotheism and homosexuality.

Somehow I don't think it was coincidence that a bunch of people left after she made that second comment. We left a few minutes later too, but not because of that; we were getting a little bored.

On the bright side, next week might be a problem set-free week. Oh, wait. There's the number theory test. Guess I can't speak so quickly.

Also, I REALLY need to get laundry detergent. I'm almost out now, and I really need to do laundry.