February 14th, 2007

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I'm sick. Hacking and coughing great wads of nothingness, dry throat, runny nose, the whole miserable feeling of sickness.

I gave that big group tour this morning. It wasn't that bad; I had a group of around nine. What was bad, though, was that I could hardly talk. Actually, I sounded fine--I was still audible, anyway, even though I was a little congested. But they enjoyed the tour (as far as I know), even though I was a little late to French. I actually ran into Mme Knowlton while finishing the tour and told her I'd be late.

I kept running in and out of the classroom during French because my nose wouldn't stop running. It was really annoying, too, but luckily she called on me only once and I managed to croak out an answer. Since I normally volunteer in French, this is unusual.

We learned in French today that there's a lot of pot in Alaska. Also, there's a lot of snow and ice. Yes, Mme Knowlton typed that on our notes--en anglais. It was hilarious.

My total Valoween gifts: one card from Adrienne (She actually crossed out Valentine's Day and wrote in Valoween. Sweet), one bundle of candy from Anna, a lollipop and a card from Lauren, a generic card from the Colonnade Club (but it had a Hershey's kiss on it!), an unused throat-friendly tea bag from Olivia (I got it today; I'm counting it), an Aurora lollipop (even though I was at the table during lunch anyway), and a virtual gift from rainbowstrlght. Whoo.

Still, a number theory test and being sick.... bleargh. I think I'll take a shower and collapse. Wait, I can't. I already told Emily and Lauren I'd be at our Girls Night Out tonight. Chocolate and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yay. I'll probably crash right afterward, though. Ah well.