February 17th, 2007

BatB: Belle adventure

And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free.

So you're probably wondering what I did on my first day of freedom--that pure, untainted freedom that I was finally stepping into, just like one cannonballs into the deep end of a pool. After all, isn't the stereotypical behavior to eat way too much chocolate (if there's such a thing) or watch sappy romance movies or listen to depressing music all day? I did none of the above--well, to celebrate the occasion, anyway. Some of the music happened to be depressing, and I did happen to eat chocolate. I think I'll have some now, in fact. There, that's better. Mmm, dark chocolate. My favorite.

Instead, I read about black holes and prime numbers, which have to be two of the coolest things ever. Black holes pretty much defy all common sense that most of us are familiar with, but since I didn't have much common sense to begin with, it's a matter of wrapping my brain around them. I'd compare that to current events, but recent events actually make perfect sense. I think my emotions are more comparable to a black hole right now. They'll evaporate eventually, too.

And prime numbers. *swoon* They're numbers, which automatically make them cool. But they're prime, which makes them even more special since they're really the building block of all numbers. Why else do you think the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic involves primes? They're so gorgeous. Why can't I just have a relationship with the maths? Oh, that's right. The words would get jealous.

I've still hardly started my statement of interest for REUs. I should do that tonight, considering I'll be dorm running and touring tomorrow for Scholars Weekend, and I have a French test Monday and two assignments due for astronomy Tuesday. Right.

Also, I sketched out the beginnings of my mathverse Thursday night at work. I keep forgetting to mention that for some reason. Watching them come alive on the chalkboard was amazing. I think I know how the story's going to begin. Now why is November over eight months away?