February 21st, 2007

mice with clipboards

Don't you want to be just like me?

Today's Founder's Day at Agnes, meaning there's a convocation. This year it was in the library since it was supposed to be followed by the groundbreaking for the new chapel.

But it rained.

So we had an imaginary groundbreaking in the library. Unfortunately I had to sneak out of the library since 11:00 was approaching and I had French then. On the way to French, though, I ran into half the class, and they were walking away from the science building.

"Cancelled," they told me. I asked how they knew; after all, I hadn't received an e-mail about it. Turns out there was a sign outside the classroom door. That was good enough evidence, I thought, so I checked my mail and returned to my room.

Also, I got my number theory test back. You remember, the one that I took while miserably sick. I got an 81. *drowns in sorrow* Remind me why I'm a math major again? Oh, that's right. It's my passion and pride and joy. Mmm, numbers.

Haven't you ever wanted to start a religion? Well, I'm going to. I have a vague idea of what it's going to be about. (Yes, math will have a place in it, but it's a very general place. I want to be somewhat inclusive, complete with a female diety.)

We get our first astronomy test tomorrow. This means I'll get to take it sometime this weekend. Mum and Dad will be here this weekend, thanks to Sophomore Family Weekend, during which I marry Agnes. Thankfully they're just coming down on Saturday, and they're not even staying the whole time. I just have so much other stuff to do that I can't entertain them, especially since they cling to me, and since they do that I just can't hang out with other people while they're around. I think they're shocked that I actually have friends here, considering my social life in high school was mostly through my 234234 extracurriculars.

Also, there was something else I was going to say about tomorrow or this weekend, but I forgot what it was. Oh well. I'm tired. A shower and bed are in order.