February 22nd, 2007

language: it hides our thoughts

The emoing is finished, for there's no commitment there.

So. Today one of our math majors who graduated before I arrived at Agnes came back and ate lunch with the math department. I spent half of lunch with my (non-math) friends and the other half with the math department and Audrey. It was a great time. Although it was funny when Dr. Lewin actually came to the table I was sitting at with Sandra, Emily, and Shauna to remind me of this, and I had just blurted out, "It's a pyramid scheme with Tech guys!" (Don't ask me what that was about, for I have no idea.) She's heard more bizarre stuff from me. Trust me.

Anyway, just about everyone I told suggested I hit up the math department at Tech, for I would probably intimidate just about everyone else. Actually, I might intimidate them as well, for I have so much passion I might explode one day. Sure, they have passion, too, but I'm afraid some of them might balk if I tell them I write novels and nitpick grammar and stargaze on a regular basis. On the other hand, quite a few Tech people do NaNoWriMo. Hrm...

After this, Melissa, Nico, and I were about fifteen minutes late to probability since we hung around, and the whole math department knew it. We finally decided not to skip since they all knew we were there at the math lunch (Dr. Riddle wasn't there). Nobody showed up for a tour, so after waiting around the admissions office for a few minutes, I took advantage of the gorgeous day to head to Java Monkey. I cozied up in that outside part of Java Monkey with Dr. Nbook, number theory, probability, and French, and noticed this really cute guy sitting alone and reading a book. I tried to figure out how to approach him, and finally decided to return my finally-empty cup of hot chocolate and ask him what he was reading on my way back. But on my way back out, I saw him light a cigarette.

*sigh* Well, he was cute until then.

Also, I didn't get into Minnesota's REU. *sigh* Oh well. I still have five to hear from, and two to finish applications for. I should get to work on those and take my astronomy test and figure out how to entertain my parents and work on my number theory assignment...

With all this, who has time for guys?
nerd heart: epsilon greater than

Aleph Null Things I Want In A Lover...or something like that *starts to sing*

So on the topic of lovers, I decided to make a list of what I wanted in one.

Aleph Null Things I Want In A Lover

(Okay, so this list doesn't have cardinality aleph null, but it does have a nice ring to it.)

-shares a passion of math, writing, language,..., or at least is appreciative of such passion and doesn't attempt to squash it
-doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs
-isn't trapped in mainstream society
-is a fellow nerd
-lives life passionately

-is appreciative of all kinds of music (i.e. has a musical taste just as diverse, or even more so, than my own, and I'll listen to anything that doesn't make my ears bleed)
-enjoys long intelligent conversations
-voices his honest opinion
-believes in equal rights for every human, regardless of anything that divides people
-enjoys physical contact, but not excessively so in public

-will stand up for his beliefs and not prevent me from standing up for mine, even when they differ
-is faithful and loyal to me and to those he is close to
-is a loving, kind, and generous person
-believes that the human body is something to be valued, and will not violate the body, mind, or soul of another
-is monogamous

-will not pressure me to do that which I do not want to do
-will not cheat or lie
-believes that character, intelligence, humour, et cetera, are more important and lasting than the exterior
-has at least one passion (and I'm not talking people here)
-is not intimidated by my unusual demeanor

-will let me grow as a person, just as I'll let him grow as a person, and together we shall grow

I'm pretty sure I'm repeating stuff, and I know I'm missing stuff. Still, it's a start, and it's a good list to have around, especially since I'll probably add to it with time.
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