February 25th, 2007

sounded better in my head

The Wedding... I mean, ring ceremony.

Since I'm clearly not studying for my astronomy test or working on number theory, I can tell the Internet about my wedding to Agnes.

Mum and Dad got here around one, and since none of us had eaten lunch, we went out to eat. Thanks to them and Friday night's dinner, I have enough food for at least three meals since Mum and I ate just half our meals. Seriously, our meals were that huge. I even wore a skirt for them, which was the first time I wore a skirt in almost a year, I think. Since my FYS presentation last spring, in fact. It was the same skirt, too, but that was just a coincidence. I think.

We wandered around the campus for awhile; Mum wanted to take advantage of the sale at the bookstore, where she bought me a purple Agnes hoodie and bought the rest of the family a bunch of other stuff, including an Agnes Scott Mom shirt for herself and an ASC bumper sticker for her car (she wants to put that and a UGA sticker on the car since I'm here now and Jeffrey's going there next year). We bought Grandmother a stuffed Scottie dog. Mum wanted to buy her an ASC pen, but I pointed out that Grandmother had a zillion pens, and besides, where else could she get a cute little Scottie dog? Besides, we had a dog for most of my life (a cute one, at that). I won this fight, and even got my own stuffed Scottie later.

Wow, that makes me sound like a taxidermist.

After that we tried to figure out how to spend the afternoon; after all, the panels were in session, and we didn't want to interrupt. Then I had an idea. Why not show them the observatory? (Hey, look, it has a Wikipedia article, too!) Sure, it was a good hike, but I had card access; I could get in. Besides, I knew Dad would love it (it's one of the few things we have in common, if not the only).

So we headed up. I showed them the plaza and explained the design to them, and then we went inside. I pointed out everything to them, and then we went inside the planetarium. Trying to start this thing up on my own wouldn't be one of my brigher ideas, even though I knew how to do the basics, I thought. So instead I pointed out what did what.

And then we headed up to the Beck Telescope. The door was unlocked, so we went in. It wasn't great stargazing weather since it was, after all, midafternoon, but we did take a peek at the telescope, all while I was telling them what different things on the telescope did. (Seriously. Managing that thing is not a one-person job, as we found out one night in lab. At least Arielle and I are tall?)

I was right. They loved it. After we left and hung around doing nothing in particular for awhile, it was time for late registration, something we hadn't already done. We did that; I went and changed and got ready; we ate dinner; we met people; I bought a Scottie dog. One parent came up to me during dinner and told me what a wonderful job I did at comedy during last night's talent show. If you paid attention on Friday, you know that I wasn't even at the talent show for most of the duration, much less on the stage performing. So I replied in the nicest way possible, "Wow, I must be pretty awesome if I can be in two places at once." Luckily I didn't embarrass her. She just said, "Well, apparently you have a twin around here somewhere. I'll have to find her and thank her."

And then the ceremony itself. We all met in Maclean around 7:15. Shea and Ayla wore the same dress. I'm not kidding. It was hilarious. They were in the row behind me alphabetically, and I saw two people sitting next to me wearing polka dots, and I pointed this out. "It's the same dress!" they said.

And then... the ceremony itself. We managed to stay in alphabetical order as we walked in and sat down (I was between Rachael and Courtney). Laura (one of the co-presidents) gave the opening; Dean Hudson told us about the ring ceremony; cesontmesmots introduced President Kiss, our keynote speaker; President Kiss spoke; the ring ceremony officially began.

We went up row by row as our names were called--the first half by Ashley (class VP), the second half by Slgi (treasurer). My name was called. I walked across the stage, remembering that this was mine. All mine. Dean Hall handed my ring to Dean Hudson, who handed it to me. President Kiss handed me a flower, and we smiled for the camera. The camera flashed, and I took everything and walked off the stage. As I walked off, Kim from the alumnae association handed me a photo frame. I headed back to my seat.

Everyone else had their moments in the limelight. We sang "God of the Marching Centuries". And I started to choke up. I have no idea why. Maybe it was because here we all were, together, partaking in the same Agnes tradition. Or maybe it was because we were all united somehow through this thing called the Agnes Scott ring. Whatever it was, it was nearly magical.

After that Jakevia (class co-president) came up and told us to put on our rings. Boy, were we ready. We slid them on, and then the slide show began, showing pictures of us as little kids and of us now. I was amazed at how many of my classmates I knew, but at the same time, how many of my classmates I didn't know. After that was a group picture and dessert and a dance (the reception!) in the hub; Mum and Dad left during that.

And that's why my feet hurt so badly when I returned to my room. Walking across the quad in bare feet is quite the experience; let me tell you. And yes, I did take my shoes off before hitting the dance floor. Interestingly, though, my neck hurts now, not my feet. I think I slept in one of those awkward positions last night.

So in a week I got dumped and got married. How about that?