February 26th, 2007

math: coffee to theorems

For a day so long, you'd think something interesting would happen.

I overslept this morning and wound up skipping calc. This turned out to be not so bad since I went to breakfast at Mollie's and talked to Kristin about Aurora stuff. She told me that we may wind up having the layout party on Tuesday if most people can make it then. (Yup, it is on a Tuesday--she sent the official e-mail today--meaning I won't be able to come. *pout*)

Also, apparently I get too excited about math, according to one of the Calc II students. Dr. Koch's section has a test coming up, and he gave them review questions. One of them came in with questions. The second question was about Gabriel's Horn, which is simply amazing yet mind-boggling. I told her this when she asked why we'd want to know this. "Just wait until the end of the problem," I told her.

"You're way too excited about this," she said. When I told her that I just love math and all that it represents, she said, "Well, I'm glad someone is."

I'm still getting used to wearing jewelry. I'm constantly aware of Agnes's presence on my hand and in my life now that she's on my right hand. That and I'm staring at her shininess all the time.

This article on Uncyclopedia cracks me up. Who doesn't want to live in an RPG?

Enough of my babbling, though. I still haven't taken my astronomy test. Considering it's due tomorrow at 9:30am, I should probably do that. *flies*