February 27th, 2007

rubik's cube

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I love how I can live through an entire day yet still have so little of significance to say about that day.

Remember that group tour I did a few weeks ago? I got an e-mail from the admissions office last night saying that I had a gift from the group. I did not expect this; after all, I just volunteered because I had that hour on my hands and because I wanted an extra tour before a guaranteed tour the next weekend. I went to pick it up this morning, and they had give me a mug with the school's logo on it.

We actually got to observe stuff in lab tonight! (Everyone say it with me--Wow!) If you're wondering why that's such a shock, we hardly ever got to last semester because of cloud cover. Tonight, though, we did Venus, the moon, the Orion nebula, Betelgeuse, and two stars of our choice (I chose Sirius and Rigel, or as I called it, Orion's left leg). It was a fun time, and I actually managed to find some of the stuff all by myself, even if it did take forever sometimes. I'm proud. Dr. DePree actually called the three of us (yes, there are only three of us left--Arielle and Sarah are astrophysics majors, so they can't drop the lab) astronomers at the end. "You're developing perfect astronomer posture," he told us as he saw us hunched over our telescopes. It was amusing.

However, since I haven't showered yet (ooh, 22:22), I shall do so and muse over #2 on my number theory problem set due tomorrow. I'll probably ask Dr. Koch about it after calc tomorrow morning. Ah well. As long as it gets done.