February 28th, 2007

lion: yay!


So I was working on an entry about a Plan B for this summer, just in case I didn't get into any REUs for this summer because I've been that worried about that lately. This plan involved staying in Atlanta, finding a place to stay, working, and maybe hanging around Agnes and doing my own independent research.

But just a few minutes ago, I was digging through my Sent Items folder, looking for something, and I noticed the little (1) next to my inbox that wasn't there a few minutes ago. Because I'm that easily distracted, I went to check my inbox. I didn't recognize the "from" person, but I most certainly knew that subject: 2007 Clemson REU Invitation.

Yes, invitation. I knew what that meant, and my assumption was correct when I opened it.

I got in.

Yes, I got in. Meaning I won't have to go to Plan B (which wasn't terrible on the whole; it just wasn't what I wanted). Which totally, completely, awesomely rocks.

The catch?

I have to let them know by the seventh. Yes, of March. Luckily, they're flexible and will give me more time if I let them know. This is good, considering some of the REUs I applied for won't start reading applications until tomorrow, and there are a couple I want to hear from before deciding.

Still, I got in somewhere. Which completely rocks. Didn't I say that already?

On a completely different note, last night during lab Dr. DePree was telling us how to find Orion's nebula. We know where that is, of course, but the description is priceless: "Go to Orion, and it's below Orion's belt. See the three stars? One should look a little fuzzy to you." *dies laughing* Now why did I forget this last night?

Also, this comic amuses me. Science and math explain everything, including heartbreak.