March 1st, 2007

writing: voices in head

Not quite Ides of March yet

Today while hanging around the admissions office, we received a really weird call. Not a crank call, mind, but one of those that made us go, "Whaat?" Adrienne answered and started to talk to the person at the other end as if they were scheduling a visit. But then she asked, "Are you scheduling this for yourself?" Apparently the person said yes because the next question was, "Can I have a name, please?" Pause. "Jeff? Jeffrey, Agnes Scott is a women's college. You may be interested in Emory University. It's a coed school." (All of this said in the nicest way possible, despite the way I typed it.) At the end of the conversation, she hung up, and we all cracked up. Fun times in the admissions office, I tell you.

Today was also one of those days. It was rainy and icky, but oddly pleasant. It started out rainy and icky, but the rain stopped before I actually went to astronomy. After that, though, it just rained on and off all day, and it's still raining now.

Tomorrow's Friday. Finally. At first I thought I had French homework due Friday since I skipped class on Wednesday to work on that problem set (I got a 92 on it; I just checked Blackboard), but then I reread that e-mail. It's due on the fifth. The fifth is Monday. Whew.

My probability test is up on Blackboard, meaning I can go ahead and start working on it. Dr. Riddle already told us the extra credit problem. I love it. I should go ahead and work on it since we get our number theory test on Wednesday. *collapses* So if most of my entries before spring break look like "aefawerwfoidhf", it's because I fell asleep on the keyboard and happened to hit tab a few times, and rolled over to Enter right after I tabbed over to "update".

Or something like that.

Edit: I just went to Blackboard to pick up my first problem set, and I saw this announcement from Dr. Riddle. First, we learned how to play craps in class today. (We also joked about proposing a Global Awareness trip to Monaco with this class. Why let the humanities have all the international fun?) Anyway, Dr. Riddle posted:

Subject: Craps
That's not a comment about your first problem set exam. Just a clarification from the game of craps, rolling a 3 on the first roll is a losing roll just as with a 2 or a 12.

I wonder how much that can foreshadow.