March 3rd, 2007

amélie: people > gnomes

525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year?

So I'm sure all of you want to know what happened at salsa last night.

Charlotte, Shauna, Lauren, Casey, Taryn, and I went to salsa night at Tech, as I mentioned last night. For those who don't know, I've never gone salsa dancing in my life. To be more accurate, I've never had to dance to a level that requires more coordination than the Hokey Pokey, the Electric Slide, or DDR. I did want to get out and meet people, though, something I've had very little success with doing recently.

So off we went. I kicked off my heels as soon as I got there, as I had no intention of dancing in heels, and jumped right into the beginning lesson so I wouldn't look like an idiot during the main salsa dance session. I managed to learn the basic steps, and when we started switching partners all over the place during the basic session, I wound up dancing with several guys to learn the basics. It was a fun time. I wound up dancing with several of them during the main session too, and even with one guy who wasn't at the main session but asked me to dance anyway. He barely moved, and even stepped on my bare foot once. When he finally left, he said, "I'm sorry you had to watch me as I become a miserable failure." Very Strong Sad-esque, he was.

But that's not what I wanted to write about. Between dance partners (there's something about knowing all of about five people there--I get my pick of anyone!), I found Lauren, who was talking to a few friends of hers. She introduced me to Justin, who asked me to dance, and I accepted. A few minutes later the music slowed down for another dance lesson--one on bachata, in which we partnered up again. It was quite fun. We found ourselves talking and dancing at the same time, though, and when that lesson was over, we didn't leave each other. Instead, we stayed together for the next song set. And the next. And the next. And even though we're both terrible dancers, we just laughed it off and kept dancing and talking about anything and everything. He didn't even get scared off when I mentioned my love of math and of literature and of language, even though he had to admit then that he couldn't stand calculus. (He's a computer science major.) That made me sad, even though calculus isn't one of the coolest parts of math. I did manage to explain some cool stuff about what I was doing in math before we left, though, as we eventually found ourselves on the leather couches outside the main dancing area and just talking about everything (including classical music and what he didn't get about women), and he finally figured out that no, I don't go to Tech. Yes, it took several hours to figure that one out. Actually, we had a slight miscommunication on that earlier, and we finally got that one straightened out.

Oh! And I found myself singing Avenue Q at one point, when we were talking about his trip to Japan. I found myself singing "Everyone's a little bit racist" at the end of that discussion, and we started cracking up and talking about music more.

And finally at the end when everyone I came with came up to me and reminded me that yes, we were going to back to Agnes, he asked me if I wanted to do this again sometime. Whether "this" meant another salsa night (even though both of us are terrible right now, but hey, that's a reason to learn, right?), or just hanging out in general, I wasn't sure, but I did want to see him again. Before I said yes, though, he said that if I didn't like him, I didn't have to say yes because he didn't want to be led on a string, which made me wonder if I gave such an impression. (Actually, according to at least one ex, I do. Hrm.) But I assured him that yes, I did want to see him again. So we exchanged phone numbers (even though I can't stand talking on the phone) and other contact information.

Of course, I had to divulge all the details today at dinner. (I wasn't at brunch since we got back around 1am and collapsed immediately afterward, I slept until 12:15 today, and I put off food until around 1:45.) I got to dinner, and before I could sit down, everyone at the table who was there last night either said or implied, "Sujin. Details." And I divulged.

Now I just have to find time to see him again, should he wish to do so.

Also, there was a total lunar eclipse tonight. I was supposed to be able to find the end of it here, but it was too cloudy, so I just saw reddish clouds and no moon. Oh well. There will be other ones, but not forever!

So how do you measure a year? It just hit me what today is, and what yesterday was, and I thought of everything that has happened in that year. That happened yesterday, but if I'm looking for a non-coincidence, I'd be looking for it given what happened on 2 March last year. So how do I measure a year? I'm still not completely sure. I can measure the last 365 days in many ways, though. This way is just one, and now I could be starting a new chapter. Only time will tell.