March 4th, 2007

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Spring break starts on Friday. Of course, this means I have 23432 things to do before getting to bask in relaxation review 234234 Aurora submissions. (Okay, not quite that many. But we did get a ton this year, which rocks.) Between now and 5pm Friday, I have the following to do:

* One French homework assignment (tomorrow, 11am)
* One astronomy lab report (Tuesday, 7:30pm)
* One French test (Wednesday, 11am)
* One campus tour (if anyone shows up, Thursday, 2pm)
* One number theory test (get it Wednesday, due Friday 1pm)
* One probability test (of the untimed variety, out now, due Friday 5pm)

So if I look like a chicken with her head cut off this week, I assure you there's good reason for that. Or so I like to convince myself.

Today I had a small tour group--two prospectives and their parents. They weren't all that inquisitive, though, or not quite as much as I'd expect. I actually showed myself that I could indeed make a tour in the alloted time, something I've had trouble with up to this point. Yay.