March 7th, 2007

i think i can

Two days before spring break, and look at this!

Last night before lab I told Dr. DePree my idea of presenting my planet wank paper at SpARC. He loved it. So now on top of everything else, I'll be developing that paper more and putting a talk together to present in a month's time, and even developing the paper enough to be published somewhere. (Of course, the real question is whether my topic would be considered science or sociology or something else altogether.) Now to get an abstract together before the 21st.

Before I can do that, though, cue celebration. My French test is over! *celebrates* It took only about 20 minutes, too, after which I found out I made a 94 on the last test. Yay. I'm still having issues with translation. I can fix that.

I need to finish my probability test. I have half a problem left to do and two problems to tweak to my satisfaction before I can declare it finished. After that I need to study for and take my number theory test before Friday at one and decide where I want to do research this summer.

I'm still torn on which offer to take for this summer--Clemson or Valpo. My heart isn't helping right now--it's torn between two things it really wants--so it's time to use my head and reason through it.

Also, I should probably write up my informal lab report from last night since Dr. DePree is taking up our lab notebooks before the break. This should be interesting, but even more so for Arielle, who went to CVS to buy a composition notebook yesterday afternoon and came back with a bag of cookies, a spray bottle of Febreeze, and no notebook. We ate all the cookies during lab last night. Yes, the four of us (Arielle, Sarah, Dr. DePree, and me). It just amused me to see Arielle leave sans cookies.

Okay, I'll really get to work now.