March 8th, 2007

sleepy bunny


My number theory test just went down. Not fantastically, mind, but it couldn't have been worse than the last one, where I was wiping my nose during half of it and actually working during the other half. I only blanked out once. I'm proud of myself. Or something. Either way, I'm not expecting anything worse this time. Just... better?

Otherwise, if you're expecting anything intelligent from here tonight, sorry to disappoint you. I had a group tour today (three prospectives and parents, and Tita wasn't there, so that left just me) and that number theory test, and I still need to finish that probability test before five tomorrow. Spring break is almost here. Finally. I need a break.

Now, bed. I've been a bad LA and haven't been going to classes this week, so I should definitely do that tomorrow.

I also have to make that big decision by tomorrow. Decisions, decisions... I think I know which way I'm going now. Yay!