March 13th, 2007

le petit prince: pas un chapeau

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I don't recommend flinging mashed potatoes on the floor. Just thought I'd let you know that.

Yes, I actually did that while fixing lunch today. "Oh, some mashed potatoes will go with this quite nicely," I thought, and I remembered that we still had some left in the fridge from Sunday. Since I didn't feel like fixing anything of, well, real food substance, I dug through the fridge until I found them and opened the container. Then I stuck the fork in the mashed potatoes and started to spoon them out.

Or fling them out, as the case may be. They didn't come out nicely, as I had predicted. They didn't even stay on the fork as I originally thought. Instead, they flew off the fork and on the kitchen floor.


So I cleaned up the mashed potatoes that missed their target of the plage plate. At least I can say that I have thrown mashed potatoes on the floor. I can't say that for the wall, though. I think I have an icon that says something like that. I'll have to look for it when I get back.

On a completely different note, I think I started quite the discussion on pronouncing phi in mathsex. Um. 29 comments in what, four hours? And I'm not even a spammer, which amuses me muchly. Maybe I should have turned off e-mail notifications so I wouldn't have to clean all that out. Oh well. Me and my pickiness about a clean inbox.

Speaking of pickiness, I discovered that if you burn stuff by more than one artist on one CD, you lose ID3 tags. This makes me sad, for then I have to go and retag stuff before I play so doesn't pick it up as Track mn. Grah. Oh well.

Also, only about 12 more pages of Aurora submissions to go. Finally.

P.S. Nell? You've been Metaquoted. Go enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame.