March 14th, 2007

ravenclaw: smarter than you

Gibberish factor: Orange. Or something.

First, Happy Pi Day! Go be irrational, even transcendental! I'm already doing my fair share of that.

Last night after returning home, I was in the bathroom thinking, as I tend to do. (Hey, the bathroom produces some fantastic thoughts.) For some reason my mind wandered to middle school memories, of those days where classes, even the gifted ones, were taught to one level, and I was bored out of my mind. Then my mind wandered to eighth grade Georgia studies, where I wrote more than I paid attention and still made an A+ in the class. Mrs. Lane actually got on to me once about it, too, but I didn't listen. I actually used about a week of that class to read Gone with the Wind because I took a dare to read that in two weeks. I won that dare, too. Then I read almost of Anna Karenina in a week the next year, thus showing my super duper reading powers, or something.

And then my mind wandered to the time we were learning all the presidents' names in order in Georgia Studies, which I already knew because I spent part of first grade doing that and reading through the World Book encyclopedia while my classmates were learning to spell kn- words. (Hey, I was bored. Then I'd write to my grandparents, who were living in Florida at the time, and tell them some super-random fact, and they'd think, "Oh, she's so smart!", which would make me happy. Now that makes me go, "Meh.") I remembered Mrs. Lane telling us about how Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub, which made me think of this XKCD comic, which made me actually think of Taft in a wet t-shirt contest.

And then I started cracking up. I blame the mental image. Taft in a wet t-shirt gets me every time. Let me tell you.

Twelve hours of sleep also get me every time. I went to bed at ten last night and didn't wake up until 10:30 this morning. I didn't even notice this until I woke up, saw the sun streaming through my windows, and crawled over to my watch. Yup, 10:30. And Grandmother wanted to take me out to eat today, too. So we went out to Park Place in Ft. Oglethorpe (anywhere with pi, I told her, since today's pi day), and who should I see when we get there but Dee's dad, who loves that place. So we said hi, how are you doing, et cetera.

I did get my pi, if you're curious. They called it Derby Pie, but I called it coconut and chocolate chip yumminess. Mmm, pi...

Then after lunch I went to see Dee. I haven't seen her in forever, not since last June, I think. They're finally in their new place, which is huge. Boy, is it huge. And I thought her old house was huge. Anyway, it was a great afternoon of catching up funtimes, including flipping on the TV at random and noticing that Spongebob was on, and then laughing through the entire episode. (Um, long story. Really long story.)

And I'm leaving at ten-ish tomorrow morning for the math conference. This means that I still have to finish laundry and pack. I'm thinking all of us are going to look like zombies tomorrow. I know I will. Just remember that sleep is always a good thing tonight. Except I just found out that Dad wants to wake me up at 7:30 so he can say bye to me before he goes to work. Gah. I was looking forward to sleeping.

IF you made it through this entire entry and my rambling, I'm proud of you. Have a cookie. I'd say have a brownie, but Grandmother made me some brownies earlier, they're quite yummy, and I have sharing issues. So you'll have to settle for a cookie. Sorry.