March 19th, 2007

writing: within this journal

Flying freely

I finished Dr. Nbook 60 today. I tried to take a picture of the last page and put it here, but every picture I tried turned out so badly that I couldn't read the text. Therefore, how could I expect you to? Anyway, here's the text, with a couple of lines before it.

What else? I hear you ask. Surely there's more than that. Never fear, for there is more.

Finally I learned what I already knew: that my passion leads me. It lets me spread my creative wings; it lets me do anything I want, even if it seems impossible; it even enables me to express any emotion possible. That day, and the days following, I did just that. I still do just that, regardless of my mood, regardless of the presence of someone who shares my passion.

Of someone who shares my passion.

Yes, people can fuel my passion, but the absence of such people doesn't quench my passion, for it lies within me, active, seeking a place to act. And only I can do this.

"And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free"

I'm flying free now.

And that's it. The past month has been a really messed-up yet still continuous function. It oscillated even more in the beginning than it is now, though; I think I'm beginning to level off. I didn't even realize the day until this afternoon when looking for something to write about. Then I realized that I spent the one-month mark itself indulging in my passion and handling snakes, which seems to be a most appropriate thing to do regardless of the day.

But now I'm flying free.

This post on metaquotes cracks me up. I should make those tips required reading for any future lover.

Also, my building got new locks today, meaning I had to pick up a new key at public safety. I know some of our doors had issues, including the door on my side of the stairs, so it was about time, too.

Today was the first day after spring break, which means that everyone's still in spring break mode, including me. Almost no one was in the LSC during my three hours of work there, so I did a good bit of writing, including the above part. I did start the cover of At Least I'm Flying Free, Dr. Nbook 61, and I should probably update The List to reflect that even if I haven't started writing in it yet.

Eight and a half years. Sixty notebooks. And I'm just getting started. Watch as I fly free.