March 20th, 2007

water contains hydrogen

Mm, Canadian prostitutes.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be 784 pages long.

Now I'm really excited. 784 pages of Harry Potter goodness. The last 784 pages of Harry Potter goodness.

Also, Arielle has two offers for this summer, Las Vegas and Michigan. When she told us this morning in astronomy, we were joking that she had to decide between prostitutes and Canadians. (Hey, Michigan's close enough.) "Hey, they just sit online and play games," Niki said. "I'd know."

Then I told Arielle that she could always go to Michigan and find a Canadian prostitute. Hey, I'm sure they exist. I think that'll influence her decision a bit. After all, she won't get Canadians as easily in Vegas.

Now to start Dr. Nbook 61, At Least I'm Flying Free, to update The List, and to turn in my re-registration stuff.

Oh, and mid-term grades.

French: A
Number Theory: A-
Probability: B
Astronomy: ???
Astronomy Lab: ???

I blame tests for my math grades. Hey, if I liked nitpicking literature more, I'd still be a French major, but I don't. Oh well. Everything usually turns out okay in the end, though.