March 22nd, 2007

sleepy bunny

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*yawn* I'll catch up with you guys later--like after two tomorrow. All I know is that Achievement Weekend is this weekend (note to self: dorm running from 11:30 to 12:30 and touring from 2:30 to 3:30) and that I have three--no, four, counting the astronomy lab that I'll probably finish five minutes before the lab--due next week. Yes, I am definitely back in school.

The drag show tonight at dinner was awesome. I had to leave early for work, though, which made me sad. I did get to explain Taylor polynomials and the chain rule to two people, though, which made me happy. I really want the track listing, though. Come on. "Dick in a Box"? "If You Were Gay"? "Baby Got Back"? How awesome does this get?

Also, I went to the Writer's Festival event tonight. All I have to say is the Suzan-Lori Parks is amazing. The first play she wrote and did in New York was, according to her, an off-off-off-off-off-Broadway play since it was in The Gas Station, had an audience of four, and ran for three days.

And I have another idea for a novel. All these ideas keep coming when I'm working on something else. But as Suzan-Lori said tonight, entertain the far-out ideas. Believe me. That's what I do.

Oh! So way back when I married Agnes, I received a yellow rose. Over the break the petals started to dry, so when I got back I plucked the petals off, intending to scatter them in some cool pattern on the quad. This morning I did that, but it wasn't in some cool pattern. They scattered themselves. I think that's what I do. I hold on to things until I think I'm completely ready to let go and wind up agonizing longer than I should. I can let myself free sooner, just like I did with the petals. Sure, they didn't scatter into a cool pattern, but they're better for it.

And so am I.