March 26th, 2007



It just took me an hour to read my friends list. And I still haven't read the ljdq answers. I know I didn't get quoted this week, considering I forgot to play (oops?), but my funny has been on holiday anyway.

I have two problem sets due in the next two days. I was working on probability all afternoon, considering that before this afternoon I hadn't finished even half of it. I whacked all of it (yes, all of it) out of the way. Yay. Some of these answers are nonintuitive, though, and I like to know whether an answer is, well, right.

Then there's number theory due Wednesday. I work only an hour on Tuesday, but I also have lab (which means I should finish last week's lab before lab). I'm pretty sure I won't get much done Tuesday at work considering the Calc II students have an assignment due Wednesday. (Seriously? Today was packled packed. Dr. Koch's section has that assignment, and Dr. Wiseman's section has a test tomorrow. I was one busy me today.) I've hardly looked at four and five on the problem set, and I need to use Maple for number two, and I can't do that Wednesday because I have a meeting Wednesday morning.

This is what I get for putting stuff off. You'd think I'd learn from putting off so much stuff. Apparently not. Clearly procrastination is my vice.

Also, stupid_free amuses me to an extent that is ridiculous. Read the entry linking from it; it's long, but it's some high quality stupid.

Also2, I have a new icon. I was looking for one of this topic. Blame this post at metaquotes. There's more fanficrants goodness at MQ here. Maybe I should watch that comm, just for the funny--and for the fandom study. Hey, 'tis what I do.

Oh! So if I haven't already linked to enough things, I just want to say aawwwww to xkcd's dream.

Okay. Now off to bed. I'll shower tomorrow.