March 27th, 2007

sleepy bunny

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I'll catch up on you guys tomorrow. As in, tomorrow after turning in my problem set, working on stuff for probability (Dr. Riddle didn't go over the details intentionally--he wants us to work through them ourselves, and on Thursday he's choosing some of us to go over said details to the class), and actually reading Chapter Seventeen for astronomy. As in, I didn't read it for today because I didn't think we were finished with the previous chapter, but I was wrong. I still made up something to post on Blackboard when I got the e-mail from Dr. DePree this morning reminding us to post.

I still have one problem left for number theory. I can skip calc tomorrow morning, do that problem, go the Aurora core staff meeting, go to French (which I'd skip except I've already skipped once and we're reviewing, et cetera), go to lunch, turn in that problem set during number theory, go to work (after number theory, of course), stay after in the LSC to do the probability stuff, and read in my room afterward. Whew. That sounds like a plan. I'd work on the problem set now except, well, I'm really tired. And I haven't showered.

So we're electing Infinity Club officers for next year, and when Nicole was putting the ballot together, somehow I got nominated for three out of four offices. *mindboggles* I have no idea how that happened. Either way, she told Melissa that no, I couldn't be nominated for secretary because of that. Then Melissa and I can duke it out for president. Whoo!

Speaking of math, during lab tonight someone from ITS was in the computer room where we were doing an indoor lab (It was too cloudy tonight. Sad.) and scanning the computers and checking on them. She saw what we were working on and said, "That's why I don't do astronomy or physics."

"Oh, I'm not an astrophysics major," I told her, realizing once again that I was the only non-major in the lab. Considering there are only three of us in the lab, that doesn't say much. Pause. "I'm just a math major."

"That's even scarier," Arielle pointed out.

But what's even scarier is a stinky me, especially when discussing matters of math. Sorry, nothing witty to end the day with, except that yes, it is very possible to break Maple.