April 5th, 2007

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Mother Nature is on crack right now, for we are experiencing the fifth season. See, there are five seasons in Georgia: spring, summer, fall, winter, and "What on earth is the weather doing?". Right now we're in the "What on earth is the weather doing?" phase, hence the fifth season. So the last few days have been gorgeous, but it started to turn cooler yesterday and today. Seriously, I stepped outside this morning after checking weather.com (39F, by the way), and even with my hoodie on, it was freezing. And I had a tour to give this afternoon, too, and Tita was even busier than I am, so I had the group tour to myself. It was a fantastic tour, though--probably one of my favorites all semester. The group asked some really good questions and really got into the tour. It was worth bundling up for, even if it warmed up a lot halfway through the tour.

We also received our priority numbers for room selection. I'm number two. Yes, two. (For those not familiar with ASC's room selection process, everyone who pays their re-registration fee on time receives a supposedly random number within her class. Then you select a room--first rising seniors from lowest to highest number, then rising juniors from lowest to highest number, then rising sophomores from lowest to highest. So getting 2 is a very good thing, especially considering I had a really crappy number last year.) This means I can live just about anywhere I want next year. I've already talked to Renu about being roommates next year. I just need to hear back from reslife about this because Renu's off campus this semester and won't physically be there to participate in room selection. Although since she doesn't have the better number of the two of us, it probably won't be such a huge deal.

There was something else I was going to say today, but I can't remember what it was. Actually, I'm still sitting here, trying to think of what it was, remembering how much I have to do over break which is mostly why I didn't go home in the first place--I know I wouldn't get anything done if I did, and I have an astronomy test out now, due next Thursday, not to mention a number theory test out Monday, due Wednesday, and a French test on Wednesday. (Speaking of which, guess who made a 100% on her last French test? Guess I should say I'm bad at painting elephants on every test. Mme Knowlton drew a bow on my elephant. It was cute.)

Now if someone could explain how my iTunes shuffle is becoming, well, not random today, I'd be extremely happy. I don't mind since it's stuff I love, but it's not as random as I'd like. I think I just got three TMBG songs out of my last twenty songs. Sure, I have a lot of TMBG, but not that much. Oh well. I'll figure it out later. I'm sure it's connected to the room lottery conspiracy somehow.